Nijhuis Water - [SOLD] DAF unit for water treatment (SOLD)

Nijhuis DAF unit. DAF systems use air bubbles that attach to small particles in the water. When it reaches the surface, a scraping system separates the floating dirt from the water.

Part of line 30m³ per hour waste water treatment - Nijhuis
Article # 12399
Brand Nijhuis Water
Capacity 50 m³/hour dirty water. 10 m³/circulation pump
Type 2500/560
Mach. nr. 1908415
Voltage 400/690 pump. 220/380 motor scrapes
Amps 10,3/6 pump. 1,5/0,86 motor scrapes
Power 6,3 pump, 0,25 motor scrapes
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350 x 230 x 315 cm
Weight ± 2000 kg.

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