Termet - Trachea and esophagus machine

The Clip Air rodder has been designed to improve the process of placing clips onto the weasand and rodding cattle. This process, when done with a manual rodder, is hard work and requires a large amount of force to rod the ingester back into the stomach.

By implementing the Clip Air 800s pneumatic rodder, it makes the job easier and improving operator welfare and reducing the risk of claims through back injuries and RSI - saving money through sickness and possible claims. It also significantly reduces the risk of burst bellies, thus reducing the possibility of contamination and downgrading - ultimately improving profits. Sterilizer also included.

Part of line 40 cattle per hour - Stork - Verbist
Article # 12896
Brand Termet
Type Clip'Air 800 S. V300 S
Mach. nr. 1263
Dimensions (L x W x H) 45x40x130 cm

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