About us

In 1992 the family company VDZ Trading was established by John van der Zanden. In 2004 his son, Roel van der Zanden, joined the company to assist his father and making the company even stronger. Throughout the years, VDZ trading has continued to grow, and developed into the leading company in used slaughtering equipment. In 2018 Roel has taken over the business completely and is now running all day to day business.

Our core business is buying and selling used equipment related to the slaughtering industry. By now we have over 25 years of experience purchasing, selling, dismantling and rebuilding slaughterhouses all over the world. We have extensive knowledge of the equipment from all major brands and we use this knowledge and experience to help our customers make the right choice for their needs.

Because we specialize in used equipment, we can make every customer an offer according to their budget. We have a stockyard of almost 5000 square meters of high quality abattoir equipment in good, used condition. From slaughtering to water treatment and rendering systems. And if we don't have the right equipment available used, we can produce new equipment with the customers' specific requirements in mind.

We have several fully equipped slaughter lines available for nearly every type of livestock. We have a team of professionals who dismantle, register and help rebuild these systems completely in a new location. Developing, building and starting up a slaughterhouse is a big undertaking, so we advise and consult our customers every step of the way. From lay-out and building design, to logistics, HACCP operation and maintenance. We take the available budget into account, as well as market conditions and options for future growth, making sure that the business is not only viable, but that they are designed to prosper and grow right from the start.

Increasing capacity of existing lines, retrofitting older slaughterhouses with newer equipment, or adding lines for different products also fall within our scope of supply. We discuss all the available options and advise the customer on the best course of action for their specific project.

We work together with renowned companies on the areas of cooling, paneling, processing, rendering and waste water treatment. Thanks to that we have the possibility to advise and assist in setting up complete abattoirs with all details included (even up to the recipes if necessary!)

Thanks to our broad approach and decades of experience in the field, we have been able to help customers build and expand successful abattoirs all over the world. Our slaughter lines and other equipment are in operation in, among others: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, the Philippines, Romania, the United States, Suriname and many, many more.

We hope you enjoy your visit. 

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the VDZ trading team