About us


Herewith I would like to welcome you on our site and introduce to you VDZ Trading B.V. 

The company John van der Zanden has been a trading company since 1978. Per 23 December 1991 it has entered in a private partnership with director and only shareholder J.Th. van der Zanden. 

The company known under the name Handelsonderneming John van der Zanden B.V. has been active in building slaughter lines since 1992. Since 2010 we are known as VDZ trading BV. 

The closure and bankruptcies of many slaughterhouses in Western Europe in 1992 was good news for anyone wanting to pick up quality equipment at a bargain price. Companies all over the world who do not want to risk, or cannot afford, to splash out on brand new equipment are able to fully fit out new slaughter plants to full EU approved standard for about 50% of the new price. 

Regularly we build new lines with the use of pre-owned machines. Much of this equipment is only two or three years old – and is in high demand. So far, most of it has come from the closures of abattoirs in the Netherlands which resulted from the country’s slaughterhouse rationalization program to reduce capacity by 20%. Most of the plants which were made redundant have already been stripped, registered, overhauled, adapted and re-installed by our company. We can also provide complete brand new slaughter lines at a competitive price. 

We work together with renowned companies on the areas of cooling, panelling, processing, rendering and waste water treatment. Thanks to that we have the possibility to advise and assist in setting up complete abattoirs with all details included (Even up to the recipes if necessary!) 

Not only can we provide you with complete lines, through the years we also got a nice program of separate slaughter line equipment. You can see some of the equipment we have in stock on the following pages of this site. 

We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Best regards, 

John van der Zanden