VDZ - Ritual stunning box - Halal/Kosher

Our non-rotating ritual slaughtering box has been developed in conjunction with the Dutch slaughtering industry, Dutch and international Halal organizations as well as the Dutch Food and Animal Welfare authorities.

Our machine is a plug-and-play solution that can be installed in a slaughterhouse in the shortest time possible. All that is required is power and air supply and the box can be operational within an hour. In the standard model animals, up to 1000 kg can be slaughtered in a humane way according to the Halal ritual.
The machine is future proof thanks to the options of unstunned Halal slaughter as well as cut-and-shoot and shoot-and-cut methods which are all incorporated. Thanks to the strong hydraulic actuators even the sturdiest bull can be restrained in a safe manner which allows for correct Halal slaughter which leads to higher meat quality.

Optionally we can supply the machine with split belly support to also enable the slaughter of younger animals starting at approximately 150kg.

We always have standard units in stock, but if you have special requirements in terms of size ranges, we can build them according to your specific needs as well.

The machine has been certified to meet Halal standards by the European Certification Center for Halal.

Article # 2050
Brand VDZ
Capacity 40 cattle per hour.
Type 2050
Voltage 380-420V
Amps 4,9A
Power 2,2 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 290 x 140 x 320 cm.
Weight 1148 kg

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