JWE - Twin-roll dehairing machine

Passage width: 2500mm
Capacity: 110 pigs per hour
Control: Automatic

- Can be loaded with two pigs simultaneously.
- Steel construction hot galvanised
- Both sides frame cased with stainless steel door
- Big deharing-roll D700 mm equiped with rubber beaters with special metal elements
- Small dehairing-roll D400 mm equipped with JWE rubber beaters
- Closed galvanised ejection flap, hydraulically operated
- Retaining ribs for dehairing pigs up to 25 kg
- Left and right guard grille
- Ejection table
- Vee-belt-drive

- Automatic
- Electric cabinet with all requisite contractors and relais

- Operation side: Left
- De shackling side: Left
- Outlet side: Right
- Heating: Hot water heat exchanger
- Singeing: Natural gas

Article # 12660
Brand JWE
Capacity 110 pigs/hour
Type JWE DM 80-25
Power 13,2 kw (drive motor- 11kW, hydro motor 2,2kW, blower- 0,37kW)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 317x136x260 cm

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