Andritz - Screw press

This Andritz is suitable for the dewatering and volume reduction of screened waste from domestic and industrial waste water. This model comprises a dewatering, transport, pressing and compacting zone. The screening waste is transported to the pressing section where the screw is surrounded by a press cage with axial passages. The Andritz is pressed together and dewatered in the compacting zone. The dewatering depends on the plug formed in the compacting zone and the pressure of the discharge valve. The spacing of the press cage is designed according to the material to be dewatered and the grade of separation desired.

Article # 12933
Brand Andritz
Type RP 200
Mach. nr. 41 995
Voltage 230
Amps 263/152
Power 0.55
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350x85x135

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