JWE - Combined scalding and dehairing machine

- This machine can process up to approx. 15 pigs per hour.
- Can scald and dehair Pigs weighing up to approx. 300 kg.
- It also can take two pigs simultaneously, each 90 kg.
- Scalding and dehairing period approx. three minutes.
- Water outlet on both sides.
- Two dehairing rolls, hot galvanized.
- Electric heater in the oil bath.
- Automatic control for the scalding and dehairing process.
- Pneumatically activated ejector.
- Pneumatically activated cover.
- Mobile with two fixed castors and two locking fee.

Article # 13739
Brand JWE
Capacity 15 pigs/hour
Type JWE CSDM 25-21G
Mach. nr. 1552
Voltage 380V
Amps ∆10,8/Y6,2 Amp
Power 3 Kw motor - 6 x 2 kw heating
Air pressure 6 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 267 x 86 x 174 cm.
Weight 700 Kg.

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