Alldos - Polymer pump

This Alldos KM motor-driven dosing pump has a dosing range of 0 l/hour to 403 l/hour.

Easily installed and set up to dose exactly the quantity required.

Smooth accurate dosing is achieved with this pump unit.

Highly accurate to +/- 1.5%

Suitable Applications Include

Disinfection, coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, etc. in:

Drinking water treatment
Waste water treatment
Pulp and paper industry
Textile industry
Cleaning water treatment
Food & Beverage industry, dairies
Cooling tower water treatment
Low-pressure boiler feed water treatment.

Article # 13840
Brand Alldos
Capacity 0-403 L/h
Type KM 255-11SA
Mach. nr. 93/60329
Voltage ∆220/240V
Amps 2,4/2,3A
Power 0,55Kw
Cold water pressure max 10 Bar
Air volume 10 NL/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 30 x 50 cm

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