La Parmentiere - La Parmentiere Paunch Washer

The purpose of the two-speed paunch cleaning machines is to wash, scald, and bleach the inside surface of beef paunches, calf and sheep paunches, pork stomachs, rennets and also bibles of cattle. The work on paunches is done at high speed, and on bibles is done at low speed.

Two-speed paunch cleaning machines enable you to carry out the three big phases of treatment on paunches and bibles in a single operation in a very short time. These three phases ought normally to be done in succession, as follows:

-1. Thorough washing of the offal treated, and complete elimination of stomach content.
-2. Scalding making it possible to separate the mucous membranes.
-3. Whitening by elimination of the internal mucous membrane.

Once the single operation has been completed, beef paunches and calf and sheep paunches come out from the machines perfectly clean. It goes without saying that this result is obtained without any adjunction of chemicals.
The specific design of the plate, which is entirely smooth and equipped with spokes, offers a triple advantage.

-1. The fibres of the paunches and the sheets of bibles remain impeccable and are not damaged in the least.
-2. The loss of weight is particularly low.
-3. The necessary work is carried out in a very short time, because the stomach content between spokes of the revolving plate is removed: around 9 minutes for the bibles, and 5 to 6 minutes for the paunches.

Part of line Cattle 25 cph - Slaughterline
Article # 13847
Brand La Parmentiere
Year of man. 2009
Type 670P
Voltage ∆ 230V / Y 400V
Amps ∆ 20A / Y 11,5 A
Power 6,5 Kw
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 160 x 135 cm
Weight 520kg

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