Verder - Membrane Pump

Membrane pump. Pneumatically driven.

An air-powered membrane pump from the brand Verder. The pump is completely refurbished. The pump uses two flexible membranes that move back and forth to create the pumping action.

Membrane pump. Pneumatically driven.

This pump can be used for moving fluids that are not homogenous and contain some solids. This type of pump is often used as a blood pump in the slaughtering industry or as a pump for chemicals or sludge in wastewater and other treatment plants.

Part of line Cattle 25 cph - Slaughterline
Article # 13950
Brand Verder
Mach. nr. AD-4887
Air pressure 7bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 44×40×57cm pomp. staat vast op pallet 80×60×14cm

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