MOBA - Maxipack

The MOBA Maxipack, designed for automatic bagging of chickens, caters to both fresh and frozen products, accommodating birds ranging from 600 to 2500 grams.

The machines stands as the sole chicken packaging machine capable of handling the entire process autonomously. All an operator needs to do is place the chickens into the machine and neatly deposit them into a box once packaged. Every other process, from opening the bag to sliding in the chicken, sealing the bag with tape, and cutting off the excess, is seamlessly automated by the machine.

It has established itself as a reliable machine, delivering a flawlessly presented final product. However, this hinges on the use of high-quality bags and tape. Specifications regarding the bags are available upon request. When it comes to tape, it's crucial to note that special tape resistant to freezing temperatures must be utilized. Your tape supplier can provide expert guidance in this regard.

Our Maxipack machines have undergone thorough revision, ensuring they are in excellent condition. Constructed from stainless steel and premium plastics, all components prioritize optimal reliability and minimal maintenance. With robust protection for vulnerable parts, these machines withstand high-pressure cleaning.

Operating at over 1100 cycles per hour, human oversight maintains a realistic output of approximately 800 chickens per hour. Output levels may vary due to factors such as bag and tape quality and operational setup.

- Entirely stainless steel construction
- FDA-approved plastic components
- Wheels beneath the Maxipack for easy relocation between packing locations
- Tape applicator

We have multiple Maxipack machines in stock that are in excellent condition.

Article # 14237
Brand MOBA
Capacity 800 - 1100 per hour
Type M16
Voltage 380 V
Power 1 Kw
Air pressure 8 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2400 x 1071 x

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