TREIF - Slicer (SOLD)

This in 2019 manufactured TREIF PUMA stands as a reliable choice for slicing bone and boneless raw materials, whether fresh or at temperatures as low as –4°C. This versatile machine transforms red meat, poultry, and cheese into various end-products, such as bacon, chops, steaks, roulades, and cheese, effectively meeting evolving consumer preferences.

Premium Quality End-Products:
This used TREIF PUMA delivers cuts that are uniformly parallel for portions of consistent thickness.

User-Friendly Operation:
The intuitive touchpad interface ensures effortless operational control. Its spacious openings and meticulously designed structure facilitate swift and efficient cleaning, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity for operators.

Article # 14241
Year of man. 2019
Type PUMA 700 E/EB (HS)
Mach. nr. 019418.217932.137726
Voltage 400V control 24V
Amps 16A
Power 50hz
Air volume 60l/min
Air pressure 6bar max
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90×280×167cm
Weight 355kg

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