K+G Wetter - Bowl Cutter

KG Wetter is known for its reliable cutmix series. Designed for durability and efficiency, this machine features a solid grey cast iron machine base and stainless steel casing, ensuring exceptional stability and longevity.

Key Features:
- Solid grey cast iron machine base for stability and durability
- Smooth operation and intuitive controls for ease of use
- Easy-to-clean design with hand-cut, sloping surfaces for improved hygiene
- Advanced bowl design allows for a high fill level without overflowing
- Removable baffle plate for variable adjustment of cutting space and highest cutting quality
- Temperature detection sensor directly in cutting space for precise monitoring

Article # 14243
Brand K+G Wetter
Capacity 45 L
Type E234/2
Mach. nr. 258/1588
Voltage 24/230
Power 12Kw
Dimensions (L x W x H) 142×100×122cm

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