P22014 - Poultry slaughterhouse for 6000 bph [SOLD]

A complete, unique, and high-quality slaughtering line for 6000 chickens per hour. The entire maintenance history is available, as well as the preventative maintenance plan. This complete slaughter line gives you a high-quality and clean end-product.

The system consists of:
- Living poultry killing and bleeding unit.
- Plucking area.
- Automatic evisceration section.
- Air chiller.
- Weighing and grading section.
- Automatic cut-up unit.
- All spare parts belonging to the equipment are also included with the equipment.

The complete line ensures your slaughterhouse's efficiency, durability, and safety.

Brand: Foodmate

Year of Manufacturing: 2014

Do contact us for more pictures and a full video of the line in operation.

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