Elektrogeno - Blood tank

Stainless steel and isolated tank for storing any liquid that should be mixed and cooled while stored.

The tank features a double mixing system for agitating the liquid.
It is also completely isolated and can be hooked up to a refrigeration system to cool the contents.

With a content of 7.000 liters, this tank can perfectly be used for a smaller slaughterhouse. For larger slaughterhouses we can also offer it with its twin 13871 and the general control box 13870 to make a complete set totaling 14.000 liters storage with options for choosing which tank the blood goes and and to enable batching.

Part of line Cattle 25 cph - Slaughterline
Article # 13872
Brand Elektrogeno
Capacity 7.000 ltr
Dimensions (L x W x H) Overall size (m): 3 x 1,55 x 2,4 - Tank dimentions 2,05m * 1,55m oval - Length 3m

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